Thieves Steal Woman's Entire House Leaving Her Homeless

While sad, it's not really news if a house get robbed, but if the robbers take the house itself, then that makes headlines - and that's just what happened in Cullompton, England. 

70-year-old Sonia McColl had been moving from the mobile home park where she had lived with her late husband. Some repairs were being made to her house before it would be relocated to her new neighborhood when thieves brought in a flatbed truck and hauled it away.  

Sadly, the $40,000, 40-foot long home was not insured. Sonia told the BBC she is "totally devastated" and "numb." 

Thankfully, most of her possessions were in storage at the time of the theft, but it still is hitting hard. She said, "I had bought new curtains and had so been looking forward to putting them up and buying a Christmas tree."

Police are asking local residents to keep an eye out for the home.

Photo Credit: GettyDevon Police

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