What It Means When A Man's Ring Finger Is Longer Than His Pointer Finger

You might think women are attracted to a man's personality, his looks or his sense of humor, but it turns out, attraction might come down to something else - his fingers. 

According to a new study out of a Polish university, men with a ring finger as long as their index finger attract a certain type of woman. 

The extended finger comes from a fetus getting hit with a burst of testosterone while in the womb and men who have it are four times more likely to end up with a woman who has an hourglass figure. 

After studying men with different sized ring fingers, the researchers concluded that men with longer ring fingers and bustier women with small waists were attracted to each other. 

One of the scientists behind the study explained the results:

"Our results suggest men's pre-natal environment has an impact on the likelihood of being in a relationship with a more attractive and presumably more fertile woman. Eye-tracking studies have shown that, during evaluation of female body attractiveness, men focus mainly on the waist and breast areas, which deliver honest signals about a woman’s reproductive status. A narrower waist in relation to wider hips is a visual sign of healthiness and youthfulness. Larger breasts may be a sign of sexual maturity and nurturing ability. However, mainly in Western cultures, they are considered a sign of attractiveness."Photo Credit: Getty

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