More Death and Tragedy in the Name of Hate

Another hate crime committed in a place of worship as congregants were celebrating the last day of Passover in a Poway synagogue. A 19 year old man opened fire killing one and injuring three others.In a manifesto posted online, the shooter said he was inspired by recent shootings in Pittsburgh and New Zealand.My producer Miranda joins us for how events unfolded and how these attacks continue to be accelerated by online platforms.

Next, Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters joins us to break down all the news from the weekend. Joe Biden started off strong raising $6.3 million dollars in the first 24 hours of his campaign.The economy continues to be strong with a 3.2% GDP growth rate giving a lift to the president and more worries for Democrats. Ginger also gives us the lowdown from the White House Correspondents dinner.

Finally, a recent uptick in sightings of UFO’s has prompted the Navy to draft formal procedures to document the encounters that military personnel were experiencing. The Navy isn’t saying that there are aliens, but needed a way to acknowledge strange sightings by credible and highly trained military personnel.Bryan Bender, national security reporter for Politico, joins us for more on UFO’s or as the military calls it now, unexplained aerial phenomena.