Crisis in Venezuela

Violent clashed have erupted in Venezuela as the opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido urged the people and military to take to the streets and rise up against the president Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela is currently caught in a huge political and humanitarian crisis which have led to these two men claiming to be president. Dave Lawler, Axios World Editor, joins us to break down all the fighting in Venezuela.

Next, President Donald Trump has issued a memo for his departments to tighten asylum rules for migrants.The memo instructs DHS and DOJ to develop new rules to bar certain asylum seekers from getting work authorization, impose fees on applications, and speed up immigration court decisions. Daniel Lippman, reporter for Politico, joins us to break down the president’s memo.

Finally, men are notoriously bad patients. Compared to women, they avoid going to the doctor, skip more recommended screenings, and practice riskier behavior.This is leading the healthcare industry to push for men to get the care they need.In order to do this healthcare providers are putting urologists in charge for broader concerns about men’s health. Laura Landro, contributor to the Wall Street Journal, joins us for how to get men to go to the doctor.