Florida Plans to Arm Teachers in Classrooms

After a couple day of some very impassioned debate, the Florida House of Representatives passed controversial bill that would permit classroom teachers to carry guns in schools.It is an expansion of a “guardian” program created after the Parkland shooting last year.The new bill is opt-in for school districts and also includes other safety procedures.Colleen Wright, education reporter for the Miami Herald joins us for more.

Next, the robots might have just arrived for you jobs, just not the way you would expect them to.Software and algorithms are used to screen applicants, hire employees and assign jobs, but now they are also used to determine who to fire. Technology is allowing managers to track worker productivity on a minute by minute basis.Greg Ip, economics columnist for the WSJ, joins us for how the algorithms are deciding more in the workplace.

Finally, a great story about an almost perfect bank heist. Gary Cazeraz, robbed the Alaskan bank he worked at and took $4.3 million.He hopped on a plane to Seattle, drove to Mexico, and then hopped on a bus to go the rest of the way.That’s when things went bad for him.Now back in the states, he has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Kyle Swenson, Reporter for the Washington Post, joins us for how this bank heist went wrong.