Save the Date: Mueller to Testify May 15

Tentative date set… House Democrats are eyeing a May 15 date for Robert Mueller to testify and set the record straight on Bill Barr’s roll out of his report on the Trump administration. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters joins us for all the fallout from the Attorney General’s hearing last week and a new poll that shows voters are loving what the president is doing with the economy.

Next, the e-scooter craze is continuing to take over cities across the country.But while these scooters can be fun to ride, it’s important to take proper safety precautions.A new study is shedding light on how many people are getting injured while riding.E-scooter use results in 20 injuries per 100,000, and with 38.5 million trips taken last year those injuries can pile up quickly. Andrew Hawkins, transportation reporter at the Verge, joins us for why you should always wear a helmet when scooter riding.

Finally, we’ve all heard the stories of the decline of the American mall, empty stores and declining sales, but there might be some good news on the horizon.If Millennials tried to kill the mall, Gen Z might be the ones to save it.Gen Z, which ranges from age 7-22, love the shopping mall and companies are starting to target them with Instagram worthy displays and in-house customization options. Jordyn Holman, retail reporter for Bloomberg News, joins us for the future of the mall.