The Trial Has Started for the Hollywood Ripper Serial Killer

Michael Gargiulo, the so-called “Hollywood Ripper” is on trial this week to face two murder charges stemming from 2001 and 2008.He is also connected to a 1993 murder in Chicago.All of his victims were young women who lived nearby him. Tarpley Hitt, reporter for the Daily Beast joins us for who the Hollywood Ripper is and the dramatic court testimony from one of his survivors.

Next, the fight between the White House and Democrats in the House continue to escalate. The latest twist in the story is that the White House told former counsel Don McGahn not to comply with a subpoena for documents related to Robert Mueller’s investigation.The White House is also refusing to give Democrats the president’s tax returns, and AG Barr could be held in contempt of Congress.Daniel Lippman, reporter for Politico, joins us for more.

Finally, an interesting case out of Plano, Texas, where a drunk man killed 8 people in 2017.But just last month, the bartender who served him was arrested and charged with violating the “Sale to Certain Persons” law.While she did serve him the alcohol, she also followed him and called the police, still she has been arrested.My producer Miranda joins us to help explain this case.