We Have Trump's Taxes!!! ...kind of...

President Trump’s taxes released… sort of.The NY Times has obtained IRS tax transcripts for the president from 1985-1994 and what it shows is a lot of money lost.During that time he lost money from his core businesses- casinos and hotels and totaled more $1 billion.It also helped him to avoid paying taxes 8 of those 10 years.Toby Eckert, tax editor at Politico, joins us for what we know and don’t know about Trump’s taxes.

Next, there are juveniles across the country that are getting trapped in the criminal justice system all because of court fees.Most jurisdictions allow courts to charge youths with administrative fees, public defender fees, probation supervision fees, and many other charges.If a family can’t afford these fees, the youth could end up in indefinite parole. Paul McLeod, Buzzfeed News reporter joins us for a new bill in Congress that could end this.

Finally, Kim Kardashian West has made criminal justice reform one of her top priorities leading her to want to become a lawyer.In the meantime, she has been funding the 90 Days of Freedom campaign and has helped release some 17 inmates in the past 3 months.These are all people who were serving life sentences for low level drug offences and are benefiting from the recently pass First Step Act.Stef Kight, reporter for Axios, joins us for more on Kim’s efforts.