Mother Caught Tripping Basketball Player During Game

A woman in California was kicked out of a youth basketball game after cell phone video caught her sticking her legs out in an attempt to trip a player from the competing team.

The team from the Cornerstone Basketball Academy based in Vallejo, California traveled to the Hardwood Palace Tournament to take on the players from the Folsom Elite Basketball Academy on Mother's Day weekend.

"This specific team is our 10-year-old and under team," Eugene Solano, the director of the Vallejo team told Fox 40.

At one point in the game, a woman in a pink hat sitting in the front row was caught on camera extending her legs out, trying to intentionally trip a 9-year-old Cornerstone Basketball Academy player.

The father of the boy who got tripped, posted the video to Facebook including the caption: "....another day, another hater!"

The woman in the pink hat was later identified as a parent from the Folsom Team. As it turns out, that's not all she was accused of doing. She also reportedly told the players on her team to start elbowing the opposing team in the face.

The Directors of the Folsom Elite Basketball Academy issued a statement about the video:

We have been made aware of the video and we have addressed the situation with the parent involved directly. It is our policy to manage all disciplinary matters in a way that is effective and productive so we can eliminate incidents in the future but this is an internal club matter and out of respect for the privacy of the people involved we will not be commenting any further. 

Despite the attempted "foul" by the parent on the sidelines, the 9-year-old player who got tripped went on to score 11 points in the game.

The woman has been banned from attending any future basketball games at the Hardwood Palace.

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