Oregon Police Believe They Found The Remains Of Missing 'Seinfeld' Actor

Mel's Diner

Mel's Diner

Authorities in Oregon believe they have located the remains of 70-year-old actor Charles Levin. He was reported missing on July 8 by his son. Levin was in the process of moving when he disappeared.

On Friday (July 12), officials received an emergency cell phone ping which led them to a remote area in Selma, Oregon. On Saturday, a local resident found Levin's car abandoned on the side of an "almost impassible road."

They conducted a grid search and after a few hours located human remains. While officials are waiting for the medical examiner to identify the body, they are confident it is Levin.

"Based on the circumstances, there is a high probability that the remains are those of Charles Levin," police said.

Levin might be best known for his role as the mohel in the season five episode of Seinfeld called "The Bris."

Levin also appeared on several TV shows during his career, including Law & Order and Golden Girls. He also had a role in the Woody Allen film Annie Hall.

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