Four Inmates Recaptured After Escaping Prison To Get Booze and Cellphones

Four Inmates Repeatedly Escaped Prison To Go Get Booze and Phones

Four Inmates Repeatedly Escaped Prison To Go Get Booze and Phones

Authorities say four inmates at a federal penitentiary in Texas are back in their cells after they reportedly escaped their cells on multiple occasions to stock up on whiskey and cellphones.

According to a release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, deputies with the sheriff's office alongside U.S. Marshals began conducting surveillance operations at Federal Prison Complex in Beaumont after receiving "repeated reports" that prisoners had been regularly escaping their cells and then returning to the prison after stocking up on whiskey and cellphones.

At around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, investigators watched as four male prisoners left the prison grounds and cut through a neighboring ranch. When law enforcement officials pounced, the inmates ran, but they were quickly recaptured and taken back into custody, along with the contraband the prisoners had retrieved.

"The U.S. Marshals took custody and booked them into the LaSalle Unit on the charge of Escape," the release stated. "Those inmates are identified as 34 year old Julian Lemus, 45 year old Robert Young, 25 year old Leo Martinez and 35 year old Silvstre Rico."

The four inmates were taken back into custody and charged with escape of a federal facility. No further information about the prisoners, including why they were in prison, was made available.

Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office