Seven People Found Living In Farm Basement Waiting For The World To End



A 58-year-old man has been arrested after authorities discovered he was living in the basement of a remote farmhouse in the Netherlands with six other people who were between the ages of 18 and 25. Officials say a 25-year-old man left the farmhouse and wandered into a local pub.

The bartender said that the man was disheveled and confused and said that he needed help to get out of his current situation. He called the police who spoke with the young man and learned that he was living in isolation with five of his siblings in the farmhouse with the 58-year-old man.

When police searched the farmhouse, they discovered a hidden staircase leading to the basement where they found the other individuals. They had been living in isolation for almost a decade, waiting for the end of the world. They allegedly believed they were the only humans left on earth.

The 58-year-old man refused to cooperate with investigators and was taken into custody. Officials did not say what the relationship was between the man and the other people living in the farmhouse.

Neighbors say they would see the man from time to time, but he was very secretive and they thought he lived alone. 

The young adults living on the farm were self-sufficient, surviving off of a vegetable garden and a goat.

Authorities say they have more questions than answers and are continuing to investigate.

“Our primary concern is for the family members,” a police spokeswoman said. “What exactly happened in the farmhouse is still very unclear. We are exploring all possible scenarios.”

Photo: Getty Images