Giant Cookie Cutter Cuts 25+ Shaped Cookies At Once

I love the holidays. The only thing I struggle with is finding the time to squeeze everything in! One thing that I try to make a priority is holiday baking. I'm excited because I purchased a KitchenAid Mixer earlier this year (#Adulting) & it cuts down on so much time when baking. I'm anticipating working on all the cookie dough & then passing bowls of it off to the kids to scoop onto cookie sheets for me, cranking cookies out faster than ever.

Some cookies take more time than others - I'm looking at you sugar cookies. Sure, you can make them by the rounded spoonful, but let's be honest... it's way more fun to cut them into shapes & decorate them! The last time I baked cookies, they were for my dog, and I cut them using a little dog bone cookie cutter. I don't know if it's my age or what, but the constant pressing on the cookie cutter started hurting my hands after awhile.

EDITED TO ADD: Click Here for the Dog Treat recipe I use for my pup!

Well... get ready to press down on those cookie cutters a lot less, and saving yourself more time! There's a new Giant Cookie Cutter being sold at Target that allows you to cut 25+ cookies with one single cookie cutter! You heard me... 25+! You'll get 10 Trees, 6 Stars, 2 Crosses, 2 Large Houses, 3 Small Houses & 3 Small Squares. There's also a couple other pieces you can get, like 4 half trees you might be able to do something with, and a few random rectangles & other pieces. But how exciting is that?! You roll the dough out once, and use almost all of it in one press!

Plus, it comes from our friends Chip & Joanna from Magnolia, so you know it's good quality.

Don't forget to listen to your favorite Country Christmas music while you get to baking this holiday season!

Speaking of cookie cutters.... have you ever wondered how they're made? It's actually pretty satisfying to watch, like one of the millions of ASMR videos on YouTube.

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