Snow Plow Break Your Mailbox? Try This Replacement!

We were graced with our first real snowfall here in the Capital Region this morning. However, it was the second for me, who lives in the hill towns of Rensselaer County. We were graced with the crap white stuff last Thursday night/Friday morning. Needless to say, Winter is not my favorite season. It's cold... wet... driving conditions become poor... and sometimes things get broken, including mailboxes.

I'm lucky that I live on a small "town road" that is plowed by a pickup truck with a sander on the back. Needless to say, my mailbox is pretty safe. However, I've seen many mailboxes in my hour commute to work (on a nice, Spring day - can be up to 2 hours when the roads are bad) that don't fare as well. In fact, there's one mailbox in particular that I'm thinking of... I swear the owner has to replace it at least twice every year, if not more! Just bad luck I guess. It's a bit of a bad spot & the plows seem to clip it every year. No one's fault. Some of the roads I travel can get scary with a giant snow plow coming at you on your left, with a ditch real close on the right. Sometimes a mailbox is lost.

But check this out! Why didn't someone think of this sooner? A spring loaded mailbox! What do you think - will you be installing one this Spring when the ground thaws back out?