YOU Season 2 Without Joe's Voice Over

Have you binged Season 2 of "You" yet? I did over the holiday break & LOVED it. I know it's probably not a good thing for a woman to say she loved a show about a man who stalks & murders, but I digress. I watched Season 1 last year over the Holidays & anxiously awaited Season 2 to come out this year.

Can Season 2 be any more messed up though? Um, yes. Netflix put out a video with clips from Season 2, but with Joe's voice over's removed. I have to admit... I was watching it & a couple times, I actually laughed! Because yes, he is 100% creepy... but him not answering makes him seem socially awkward as well. We don't notice this during the actual show because, well, we have the voice overs to fill that empty space. But that then led me to think about how awkward even just filming it had to have been. Victoria Pedretti who plays Love would just say her lines, and then Penn Badgley (Joe) would just pause, be silent, and make facial expressions. I can't imagine how awkward the set was at those points!

Thanks to the lack of narration, I don't feel like this clip is a spoiler alert if you haven't watched Season 2 yet, so go ahead & press play. You can stream Seasons 1 & 2 of "You" on Netflix.