West Sand Lake Farm Offers Walking Tours During Social Distancing

With most American's practicing Social Distancing, we're sure to get a little stir crazy at some point. Given all of this, we have NOT be told to stay locked up in our homes, and getting outside for some fresh air is definitely a GOOD thing!

One Capital Region Farm is opening up their property to you & your family, as an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, a little exercise & to put a smile on your face - because that's what cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks & goats can do for you!

June Farms in West Sand Lake will be limiting admission to a "handful" of cars each day, but instead of their normal admission price, they are offering the Capital Region the opportunity to simply make any donation that they see fit for a chance to come walk the farm. This will help them continue with the cost of running the farm, and give you a chance to get outside for a few hours. Because let's face it... the kids are going crazy inside & they need a place to run.

Click Here to sign up for a Farm Walk & to learn more.

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