Troy, NY Creamery Considers Local Home Delivery

The world we live in today is changing all around us thanks to COVID-19 & the art of Social Distancing. But could we be reverting back to the "good 'ol days"? I'm only in my mid-30's & I myself remember "Charlie the Milk Man" coming to town to deliver milk to local businesses & my neighbors, and slipping me a single serving carton of chocolate milk. Clearly, times have changed & while there are still some milk delivery services available, they aren't nearly as prevalent as they were 30 - 50+ years ago.

Given the fact that people have been instructed not to leave their homes, Sycaway Creamery in Troy, NY has asked the Social Media world their thought on local home deliveries in the Capital Region. After reading some comments, it would appear that deliveries would be made to different areas on different days of the week, a minimum purchase required & possibly a delivery fee.

Would you take advantage of this service?