Tri-City ValleyCats SouthPaw Reads Stories to Children

As we enter week 3, 4, or is it 5? of social distancing, being quarantined & the kids being out of school, I'm gonna guess you need a little break. Shoot, I don't even have kids & I need a break! This last week has had me longing for warmer weather & activities in the worst way... I want to go out & be with friends, I want live music, I want to sit out on a restaurant patio after work, I want to see more people than just the grocery store clerk once a week who really does not want to talk to me or hear my life story.

Speaking of stories... if you've got young ones at home, chances are you've been reading more to them than normal - and that is a good thing! But it's also okay to say you need a break. Our friends over at the Tri-City ValleyCats can help you out with that, with some stories from SouthPaw! Since this pandemic began, they've started taking some of their Summertime traditions (like story telling from the field) & moved them online. So go ahead & plop your kid down in front of a screen for a few minutes & let Elyse & SouthPaw handle the bedtime stories tonight.

The Tri-City ValleyCats Home Opener is scheduled for June 24th.