DISGUSTING: Police officers drenched in water while on duty in NYC!

Damn this makes me so freakin' MAD! These NYPD officers were simply DOING THEIR JOB, and these disgusting people are simply and plainly BULLYING THEM. The first video is heartbreaking when you see these guys having to walk away after having multiple buckets of water dumped on them, and then the second one where the officer gets hit with the bucket! I'm honestly at a loss for words. DISRESPECT is the only word I can use here. I have worse things in my head, but I'll keep them to myself.

I'll make this REALLY simple. If you don't support our police, THEN DON'T CALL THEM WHEN YOU NEED THEM. As for me and my family, we BACK THE BLUE. To these officers, I'm truly sorry, I'm sorry for the direction this country has gone that now it's "cool" to disrespect you. I'm grateful for your service and what you do everyday. I'd love to pay for your dry cleaning of your uniforms, and anything else I can do to help you. Please know that the majority of America is NOT LIKE THIS! We support you, we love you, and we are thankful for YOU!

By the way, the people recording this and laughing instead of stepping in are TRASH just like the people who did this are.