Lindsay Ell Talks To Bobby About Breakup Song She Wrote About Him

Lindsay Ell did an interview with Taste Of Country recently and revealed to them there's a song about her ex-boyfriend, AKA Bobby Bones, that she is very nervous to have him hear.

In the article, it notes that Ell's album she is working on has many songs fueled from the breakup with Bones. She went on to say that she fears one of the songs could go too far. Also in the article, it states that the two are cordial.

Overall, the article made Bones a little uncomfortable. So on Wednesday, October 16th, Ell called into The Bobby Bones Show after hearing Bones talking about the article. Ell said she believes they are more than cordial and Bones agreed.

We found out that the song Ell is referring to in the article is called "Get Over You." She said she isn't sure if she's going to record it yet or not, but she wrote the song during the "angry phase" of their breakup. Ell told Bones that it's ok she went through all of the emotions she did, she deserves to feel all of those things after what happened.

On a different note, it was discussed earlier in the show that Ell is still on Bones 'Power Of Attorney' with one of Bones closest friends Amy Brown. Ell confessed she was hurt by hearing they were talking about taking her off. She says she would never do anything that would upset Bones.

Photos: Getty Images