Bobby Does Cowboy Photoshoot With Ronnie Dunn As Photographer

Recently Ronnie Dunn stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his all cover album he is dropping. While he was in the studio, Dunn talked about taking photos and that being one of his main passions now that he's pursuing. He has been selling some of his photographs at recent shows for a lot of money, and Dunn joked with Bobby Bones that he could take pictures of Bones.

While Bones laughed and thought it was funny, he was like "Yeah, sure, whatever," as it turns out though Dunn was serious and did really want to take photographs of Bones. The photoshoot got planned and yesterday (October 17), it all went down on a farm outside of Nashville. Dunn had everything setup beforehand and he had Bones wearing cowboy boots, chaps, a cowboy hat, a jean jacket, and more. Bones was really giving off authentic cowboy vibes and gave a sneak peak at the photo shoot on his Instagram. Bones said that he and Dunn's personalities are very similar so the photoshoot was a great time.