Food World IRL: Morgan2 Tries Monster Donuts From Krispy Kreme

Halloween is right around the corner and lots of restaurants have up'ed their game when it comes to fun, holiday themed foods made for Instagram.

Krispy Kreme debuted a line of donuts dedicated to get your Halloween feels going. It's called "The Monster Batch" and it includes three monster decorated donuts that all have different yummy goodness inside them.

There's 'Slimon' which is an original glazed donut with lemon slime filling, covered in green icing and slime, plus a candy eyeball. There's 'Mumford' which is the original glazed donut wrapped in purple icing, and a candy mouth and eyeball. Then there's Hypno-Henry, which is a donut filled with cake batter, covered in yellow and orange icing, plus a candy mouth and eyeball.

Morgan2 went to try out the new donuts in the name of Halloween for Food World In Real Life. While there, she also tasted the newly introduced pumpkin spice cake donut. She gave her reviews on all of them to see which ones are worth getting spooky for, and which ones can hold off... forever.

In order, here are her favorites, with her reviews:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Cake Donut: 10/10 - it tastes like holiday in your mouth.
  2. Hypno-Henry: 9/10 - there's cake batter in a donut, what could be wrong about this?
  3. Mumford: 7/10 - you can't mess up the OG Krispy Kreme donut with a little icing, so it's pretty solid.
  4. Slimon: 6/10 - not well liked out of the bunch, the green lemon slime filling should be left for the kids.