TMSG: Video Shows Good Samaritan Take Gun From Robber On Train

Jean Paul LaPierre was on a CTA Blue Line Train during a morning commute headed to the Chicago marathon when he noticed some crazy stuff happening.

He asked another commuter why marathoners seemed to be rushing for the doors. He was told that there was a guy on the train walking around robbing people. That made LaPierre mad, so he decided to go back on the train and confront the man entirely on his own.

LaPierre grappled with the robber and held him against the train, pulling the gun from the man's hand in the process. A passenger that was still on the train captured the whole moment on video. They can be heard in the video going back and forth. The suspect yells at LaPierre to let him go, but he refused.

After pulling the gun from the alleged robber's hand, LaPierre handed it off to another passenger. He said the man had friends on the train who tried to intimidate him into letting their friend go, but he held on until police arrived.

At the end of the video you can hear the suspect say "It don't matter" and LaPierre replies "It matters to me."

The police charged the suspect with one felony count of robbery with a firearm, and LaPierre went on to run his 12th Chicago Marathon right after.