Jason Aldean Reveals His #1 Job While Being An Expectant Dad

During pregnancy and championship games, emotions run high for the Aldean household.

Jason Aldean expected Alabama’s emotional championship loss to Clemson to cause, "Roll Tide rootin’" wife Brittany Kerr to go into early labor. Thankfully, Monday night's lopsided finish in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game was a second Aldean prediction that did not come true.

As if emotions weren’t high enough without the riveting game, Jason and Brittany have also been focused on selling their Nashville home, celebrating Jason’s number one single “Drowns the Whiskey” with Miranda Lambert, and readying their family for their newest addition.

So, what’s Jason’s number one job when preparing for the family expansion? Cody Alan got the scoop.

“Keep Brittany calm,” shares Jason. “She’s been stressing about our house. We’ve been trying to sell our house, so we didn’t want to fix up the nursery yet.”

Seems like a valid stress point for the expectant mother. Jason likes to keep things in perspective, and although it can be difficult, he prefers to take a supportive and realistic approach. “I’m, like, listen the baby is sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first probably two months anyway, its fine,” Jason jokes.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.