Eight Best Miniseries Streaming Right Now

Here are list of some recommended "mini series" shows to stream! I did watch "Hollywood"! We enjoyed it!

  • “Unbelievable”:Based on a true story, the show follows the investigation of a series of sexual assaults, leading two detectives to clear the name of a young woman accused of lying about her own experiences.Available on Netflix.
  • “American Crime Story”:This anthology dives into some of the most notable true crime stories in American history, likeOJ Simpson’strial, as well as the events surrounding the murder ofGianni Versace.Available on Netflix.
  • “Hollywood”: Ryan Murphy’slatest project follows filmmakers working on a “risky” movie during Hollywood’s Golden Age.Available on Netflix.
  • “Self-Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker”:This series tells the story of African-american hair care pioneer Sarah Walker, fighting to create and sell the highest quality products and hit it big.Available on Netflix.
  • “Devs”:When Lily’s boyfriend mysteriously dies, their quantum computing company takes over the investigation of his death… and they may even be behind it.Available on Hulu.

Want more recommendations? Click HERE.

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