Cheez-It Introducing Combo Box of Crackers & Wine In One Convenient Box

Anything that makes our lives easier is a good thing, right? Right. Cheez-Its to the rescue here with a new product that's half Cheez-It Crackers, half boxed wine from House Wine. That means just one box to grab for your next get together. Or if you're like me, just one box to grab when you head down street to drink wine on the porch with a bunch of former neighbors turned friends. We deem these nights "Wine Time" & they happen totally at random with about 15 minutes warning. The group text is people randomly saying, "I've got wine", "I've got 2 half boxes of crackers", "I've got some cheese to use up", and that's our night! Bonus points for this because well, Cheez-Its are like having crackers & cheese in one. Plus, wine. WINNING.

So what do you think... will you give it a try? They will be available for sale at starting at 5pm on Thursday, July 25th with their Original Red Blend, 50% Cab & 50% Merlot. Personally, I think I'm gonna hold off right now. But that's ONLY because me & my crew are white wine drinkers.