New Summer Party Trend: Tall Boy Challenge

Ahhh, you see & feel that outside? The sun, the warm temps? That would be Summer, my friends. Oh BOY has it been severely missed! I'm sad that this Summer is going be VERY different than any other Summer in the past... no concerts, no festivals, no fairs. Everything will be just a little bit more low key. But to be honest, I'm kinda looking forward to that. Some of my best Summer memories with friends are just hanging out in the backyard, a couple adult beverages, some corn hole, get the grill going, a bon fire - you catch my drift.

I'm always looking for new games to play with friends, and I think I found a fun one! I've participated in the "Easter Egg Hunt" style games where there are cans of beer & nips hidden that you have to run around & find... this one is a little different, and equally as fun!

The jist of it.... everyone brings a "Tall Boy" can of beer, hard seltzer, malt or other drink. You leave it in the paper bag or drop it into a closed cooler. And then once it's time, everyone chooses one at random & that's what you have to drink! Another variation is that you play "Spin the Bottle" to determine which surprise drink you'll be taking.

What do you think? Will you & your friends participate in the #TallBoyChallenge this Summer?!

Remember - always drink responsibly, don't drink & drive. Please continue practicing Social Distancing & your state's guidelines.

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