Does My Dog See Ghosts Or Has He Been Reincarnated?

Gunnar Looking Up

Gunnar Looking Up

Alright, alright, alright. I KNOW this sounds crazy... but I'm beginning to wonder if my dog see's something that I don't? Now that I'm working from home most days of the week, since the weather finally turned nice I have been trying to make an effort to walk 10 miles a week. Some weeks I do great, others I do not. But since I am working from home most days, I will at least try to use my lunch break to do the 2.2 mile loop around my neighborhood.

We started this "challenge" back in June, and just about every time we walk (& pretty much EVERY time since I've really started to notice it), my dog looks up at this one telephone pole at the bottom of a hill that we walk by. I'm not sure what it is... we pass PLENTY of telephone poles. And just about all of the poles are donned with American Flags & Veteran Banners - many of them having 2 Vets featured because there's just that many in our small town! There isn't any buzzing from the pole that I hear, not all but many of the poles have the street lamps on them, there's no transformer on this pole or anything, we walk both up & down plenty of hills, what gives?! WHY THIS POLE?!

At first, I thought the obvious. GHOSTS. Don't take that negatively. I think spirits are a very real thing, and I don't think they're out to hurt us. But then a friend of mine brought up the movie, "A Dog's Purpose". If you haven't seen it, the gist is how a dog is reincarnated over & over, and in the story, he eventually reunites with one of his owners something like 40+ years later. So then I'm thinking.... WHAT IF ONE OF THESE VETS WERE PREVIOUS OWNERS OF MY DOG?! AHHH!

I dunno. It's probably none of that, and maybe there is a buzz from the power lines that I'm just not hearing. But it's kinda fun to think about, right? Here's the video... what do you think it could be?