A Sequence On Your Key FOB Could Roll Your Car Windows Down

There's nothing more uncomfortable on a hot day then having to get into a hot car, especially if your seats are leather. But not everyone has a car starter & can get the AC going for a few minutes before you leave. Wouldn't it be nice if you could at least quickly roll the windows of your vehicle down to let some of that hot air escape before you have to step in & it's so hot, it takes your breath away? Yeah. That WOULD be nice.

I found this on Tik Tok. A bunch of users shared videos of them entering this sequence on their Key FOB & having all 4 windows roll down. You simply hit unlock, lock, unlock & then hold the unlock button down. And viola! The windows roll down without the car even starting. I was amazed! I saw MANY vehicles working by doing this. Here's an example:

Alright. I needed to try this. I went outside to my car, Key FOB in hand, and here's what happened:

UGH. Of course, too good to be true. It didn't work for my car. So it has me wondering... is this real, or are people who have car starters built into their cars tricking us somehow?! I don't know. But it was worth a shot. Back to burning my legs on hot leather seats.