Man Uses Ether & Propane Torch To Explain The Importance Of Mask Wearing

We all know the importance of wearing a mask. It reduces the risk of spreading & catching COVID-19. And we all know that people can carry it & spread it for 2 weeks without even knowing it! There have been graphics similar to this one all over Social Media the past few months to help people understand why they're important:

However, some people still don't understand. They say a mask won't prevent you from catching it. Which is true. But it lessens the chance, and even more so - wearing one lessens the probability that you will spread it to others. To me, that's just being respectful. I absolutely hate wearing it. But I'm respectful, and I do.

One man had a little fun & blew some stuff up to help explain it to those who still can't comprehend the importance of masks. You may remember Uncle Rob from a few years ago. He would put out videos frequently where he would blow things up. Not sure what happened to him, but he made a return to give us this educational video. First, he determines a distance for coughing. Then he experiments with a few different aerosol products he found in his garage that could mimic the cough distance. Then he lights the propane torch, places it in front of one mannequin, and has the other mannequin use sprays of Ether to act as a cough, both wearing a mask & no mask to see how a mask can protect, even against flammable liquids & fire.

Please know that this video is somewhat satirical, but it still gets the message across. It's important to wear a mask, and they WORK. Don't try this at home.

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