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My Pinterest Recipe Picks for the Big Game

Snacks for watching a football game

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The Big Game is this weekend, and whether or not you have a team in it, or you care about Football at all - chances are, you're gonna watch some part of the game. Be it the commercials, the half-time show (which I'm SUPER psyched for this year!) or just not wanting to feel left out Monday morning, you'll probably tune in at some point.

This weekend is also known for some delicious food, with diets thrown out the window. Whether you're hosting a get together or heading to one, here's a list of my Pinterest Recipe Picks that would work for the Big Game! All of these recipes I've found on Pinterest & have made them fairly regularly for my own get-togethers. So if you're stumped on what to make, or maybe you want to try something new - maybe one of these will work for you!

Disclaimer: no healthy food allowed! HAHA.

If you're looking to start the night off with a meal early on, might I suggest Pulled Pork? It's easy to throw in the crockpot in the morning, whip up or purchase some cole slaw & get the really good Mastroianni Brothers rolls. Plus this recipe uses Dinosaur BBQ Sauce, so you can't go wrong! This is my simple, go to Pulled Pork recipe, it's always a hit!

Okay, onto some snacks. Now some other ideas to include along with these would be vegetable platters, charcuterie boards (as simple or elaborate as you wish... nothing wrong with just pepperoni & cheese, after all!), or chips & dip. I mean, can you really have a get together without some sort of chips?! I think not.

The beauty of these recipes are that they utilize the crockpot, air fryer or have the ability to be made ahead of time & then popped into the oven when it's time. That means you can spend more time with people & watch the game. Here are a few options, in no particular order:

Looking for something sweet to bring to the table? Here are a couple tried & true desserts:

And this dip, you could dye it the colors of the Teams instead, or leave it white & use team color & football shaped sprinkles!

Looking for something different? How about a Food Bar! My friends & I have done Baked Potato, French Fry, & Nacho Bars in the past, and they've all been fun! The host generally provides the main item & then guests all bring a side or topping. Here's an example of a couple Nacho Bars I've done, so fun!

Note: we opted to not spread chips out & just put the nacho cheese & other toppings on top like you've probably seen online. No one likes soggy chips!

I already know what you're thinking.... but Jillian.... where are the chicken wings?! Listen... I consider myself a fairly good cook. But there are just some things I won't mess with, and chicken wings are one of them. Plus, we have SO many amazing places in the Capital Region to get wings - I know I can't compete with them! Just call in an order & support a local restaurant near you. Me? I'll be calling Towne Tavern in Averill Park.... Mmm, Buffalo Garlic Parm.

Happy Football'ing! And be safe!

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